As the demolition of the mill proceeds on schedule, it’s hard to believe that this will be the last Christmas for the old office block. Its long rows of windows and its central tower have been icons in our town for over a century now. Soon it will all be no more.

To see the great hulk of the “Moby Joe” building reduced to its steel skeleton, and to know that by this time next year, nothing will be left–not even the stack, apparently—is cause for deep reflection and nostalgia.

To mark the mill’s last Christmas, we are offering for sale a beautiful photo reprint from happier, more prosperous times when the central block in its full Christmas regalia was truly a sight to behold. In those simpler days, the mill Christmas lights were a highlight of the season in our town. Our photo of “The Mill at Christmas” dates from 1967 and features a finely-crafted sign made by Bill Howse.


In accordance with our photo policy, our 8” by 10” reprint is $20 and can be purchased at the Heritage Centre or by mail order. All proceeds support the work of the GF-W Heritage Society, which is operated 100% by volunteers.