Our People


  • President:                         Allison Miller
  • Vice President:                Jim Locke
  • Treasurer:                         Terry Burke
  • Collections Managers:   Brian and Elizabeth (Liz) Reid
  • Property Manager:          Bruce Rowsell
  • Secretary:                         Karen Rowe
  • Past President:                Lucien (Butch) Forbes        

Board of Directors:

  • Mary Kelly
  • Holly Rowsell (Mill Whistle Editor)
  • Ronald (Ron) Smith
  • Robert (Bob) Thompson
  • Anne Warr
  • Les Wheeler
  • Sheila Taylor (Family Tree Group Representative)
  • Mike Browne (Town Representative)

Committee Chairs:

  • Finance Committee: Terry Burke
  • Collections Committee: Brian and Elizabeth (Liz) Reid
  • Exhibits Committee: Robyn Warren
  • Property Committee: Bruce Rowsell
  • Membership Committee: Holly Rowsell
  • 5-Year Plans Committee: Kristen Milley


  • Archive Assistant: Robyn Warren
  • Collections Assistant: Kristen Milley
We are also pleased to have a large number of dedicated volunteers!