The Grand Falls-Windsor Heritage Society not only collects and preserves our material and cultural heritage, we also work to promote the preservation of historic places in our town.

The Town Council of GF-W has been very supportive of this aspect of our work and at our request has designated several buildings and areas within the town as sites of special historical interest.

These sites include:

  1. The Town Hall, aka Harmsworth Hall on High Street.
  2. St. Matthew’s Presbyterian Church on Church Road.
  3. Grand Falls House and its grounds, which were designated as a Municipal Heritage Site in a resolution of Council on 2 June 2009.

One of the oldest structures still standing in the Town of Grand Falls-Windsor, Harmsworth Hall has served the community for almost 85 years.

DID YOU KNOW? The following sites were designated as significant historical sites by a resolution of Council dated 9 May 2006:

  • Valley Road Cemetery
  • the dummy (our famous traffic circle on High Street!)

Dummy - HIgh Street, Grand Falls-Windsor