FROM OUR COLLECTION Margie found a very nice little item in one of our boxes: a photo/calendar about 8 inches square from 1932. The tiny tear-off calendar on the front is intact and features an embossed image of a basket of flowers. Above the calendar is glued a photo of the Staff House with two parked cars. The photo is sepia-toned and about 3” by 5”, by Bishop, dated 1931.

On the back of the card is a note of about five lines in firm, confident hand-writing. There is no signature or name.

Here is the transcription, with spelling and punctuation corrected for ease of reading.

“This is the company staff house where all the officials stay at. This is a new building 1928 and 1929. I may say I work(ed) on this building from start to finish. It cost about a ¼ of a million dollars and it is open to the travelling public who wish to stay there and pay 5 dollars a day. It has all the latest and modern conveniences for man and woman. You can comb your hair in the doors and floors. “

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