Exploits River - Gorgs Park

RIVERGOLD is here! RiverGold is our new community fundraiser which the Grand Falls-Heritage Society is initiating in partnership with the SPCA and the Corduroy Brook Enhancement Association. This exciting 50/50 draw is a great way to support these local groups while you shop!

Look for more information and the specially-marked RIVERGOLD boxes at these participating retailers:

  • Bride’s Snack Bar
  • Decker’s AutoTech Limited
  • Donnini’s Pizza and Donair
  • Grand Falls Drug Store
  • Grant’s Sport Excellence
  • Hilltop Kwikway
  • Ibex Fuels
  • Ideal Convenience
  • Jim’s Red and White Food Store
  • Riverside Convenience
  • Sonny’s Flowers
  • T & K Convenience

Our thanks to all these community-minded retailers for supporting this worthwhile initiative. All funds raised will stay in GF-W to help promote the aims of the SPCA, CBEA, and the Heritage Society.

Exploits Valley SPCACorduroy Brook Enhancement AssociationGrand Falls-Windsor Heritage Society


    • Michelle
      June 25, 2019 at 8:11 pm Reply

      Hi just woundering. If someone form Alberta can have ticket on this. I know a person who getting tickets for. 6 main landers ever single week and also people form other area on nl just asking

    • Linda Elliott
      July 9, 2021 at 11:26 am Reply

      I need someone to call me regarding numbers 17989 and 28332. I now play them every week but was just told if I’d hadn’t played them for awhile they may have been taken out of the draw.

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